Transformative innovations

2021 Integrated Annual Report

View of skyscrapers reaching toward the sky.

Transformative Innovations

2021 saw a year of significant growth and development at Agilyx and Cyclyx.

Expanded partnerships

Agilyx increased its business development pipeline, technology developments and partnerships with leading industry players including NextChem, Technip Energies, Mitsubishi Chemical, Kumho, and AmSty.

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A woman handling styrofoam packaging and a person at a desk on the computer with a plexiglass barrier behind the computer.

Technology milestones

Technology milestones include patent expansions as well as operational milestones marking more than 4,400 tons of mixed waste plastic and polystyrene waste converted at its International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certified chemical recycling operations in Oregon.

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A person recycling waste plastic at home and a person eating yogurt out of a disposable polystyrene cup.

Building talent

2021 was a milestone year in terms of building talent. We nearly doubled the size of the Agilyx and Cyclyx teams, hired our first-ever chief commercial officer and our first sustainability director.

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Agilyx leadership and employees in a chemical recycling facility in Tigard, Oregon.

Increasing plastic recycling rates from 10% to 90%

Cyclyx saw a significant year of growth, onboarding some of the most significant industry players to the consortium, announcing the development of a first of its kind plastic recovery facility, obtained ISCC Plus Certification and established an executive advisory board.

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Cyclyx leadership and the local community handling feedstock.

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