Generation 6 Technology — Reduce, Produce, Create

The Agilyx Generation 6 System is an innovative step forward in the processing of waste plastics. Our latest technology release features the first continuous feed self-cleaning waste plastic processing system in the industry.   

Agilyx is the global leader in the development of technology that effectively pairs disposal cost reduction with an incremental revenue stream from the sale of crude oil, driving margin expansion.

The Agilyx process provides a “next life solution” for plastics that generates a substantially more favorable carbon impact by comparison with traditional methods of crude oil extraction. Crude oil produced by Agilyx is consistent with the ideology supporting Low Carbon Fuel Standards (“LCFS”) and other similar public policy initiatives.

Our proven technology returns 5X more energy than it uses (“EROEI”) in the production process. 



89 Million Barrels – the daily global consumption of oil in 2012