An integrated approach to plastic recycling

Offering an integrated solution for plastic waste through conversion technology solutions and feedstock processing capabilities

People recycling waste plastic at home.

The challenge of feedstock availability

One of the biggest barriers to effective plastic recycling today is the current barriers to get the appropriate types of waste plastic into the hands of those who can effectively recycle it.

From this challenge, Cyclyx was born.

People recycling waste plastic.

A solution for the whole industry

Cyclyx is a consortium-based supply chain innovation company that understands the chemical complexity of plastic that gets the right waste plastic feedstock to the right recycling technology, meeting the growing need of both advanced and mechanical recyclers.

Agilyx employees look at plastic waste feedstock in the chemical recycling facility in Tigard, Oregon.

A mission brand driving change

Through its network of member companies, including key leaders across a variety of industries, and its 10to90® takeback and engagement programs which divert more low-quality waste away from landfills and into the Cyclyx system, Cyclyx is changing the way the world recycles in an effort to raise the recycling rate of plastic from 10% to 90%.

Agilyx and Cyclyx employees, local volunteers, and community members at a waste plastic recycling event in Portland, Oregon.