A new consortium business model aimed at increasing recycling of post-use plastic

Colorful post-use plastic that has been pelletized
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Only 10% of post-use plastic is recycled

Cyclyx brings much-needed innovation to feedstock management, which has been a limiting factor in the recycling industry. Our integrated approach combines Agilyx technical expertise with leading-edge technology, data analytics and predictive modeling to help drive up plastic recycling rates all over the world.

Low recycling rates are due in part to the chemical complexity and variety of post-use plastics, as well as the stringent requirements for new plastic materials. More fundamentally, today’s infrastructure is not designed for the circular economy. As a result, only 10% of all post-use plastic gets recycled – far below the potential.

A man feeding post use plastic feedstock into a chemical recycling process with advanced plastic recycling technology.

Increase recycling rates of plastic from 10% to 90%

Post-use plastic recycling relies on fragmented, inefficient systems that have kept down recycling rates. Even though the right technology exists, valuable post-use plastics have wound up in landfills and the environment. But with a new approach, that can change.

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The power of Agilyx expertise and GE technology

Cyclyx International was launched by Agilyx Corporation in 2020. Building on an extensive database of 1500+ post-use plastic chemical characterizations, Cyclyx uses its know-how – optimized by GE’s proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive modeling and optimization tools – to help partners identify the right feedstock for their needs.

In early 2021, Cyclyx International received ISCC PLUS certification, which ensures a company’s compliance with sustainability and traceability requirements along the supply chain.

Two women working in the analytical laboratory to build a database of chemical analyses for waste plastic chemical recycling systems.


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