Corporate Governance

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A structure that reflects and reinforces our commitment to good governance

Agilyx has adopted and implemented a corporate governance regime which complies with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, dated 14 October 2021 (the “Corporate Governance Code”) and is committed to the principles of good corporate governance, with a governance structure consisting of a board of directors (BoD), committees and executive management. The following three BoD committees each have a chair: audit, compensation and environment/sustainability/governance.

The full BoD has responsibility in nominating the activities related to the Board.

Pursuant to its articles of association, the Company has a nomination committee. The general purpose of the nomination committee is to propose nominees for election to the BoD and its chair, and suggest (in cooperation with the compensation committee) the renumeration for the Board and BoD committee members.

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Codes & Policies

Includes policies on Professional and Ethical Standards; Corporate Culture of Mutual Respect; Respect for Human and Labor Rights; Anti-harassment; Forced Labor; Child Labor; Anti-trafficking; Equal Opportunities; Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery; Health, Safety and the Work Environment; Environmental Performance; Supplier Responsibility; Whistleblowing; Roles and Responsibilities

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