Rising to the Challenge

The dynamics of the current recycling industry are very complex. Recycling programs are very localized and fragmented, exposed to significant commodity value fluctuations, but most importantly, they are not designed to encourage or service downstream chemical recycling. As a result, only the best high quality plastic waste are recovered from the waste and recycling streams stranding > 75% of the remaining waste plastic with no recycling option. 


At Agilyx, we are committed to addressing this worldwide plastic waste problem. We have developed comprehensive systems, technologies and know-how in order to  transform otherwise non recyclable plastics into a range of valuable products. Waste plastics are difficult to recycle as they are commingled, dirty and contaminated. We have risen to this challenge and developed our technology to produce a premium refinery grade crude oil feedstock that is sold into commerce and provides the flexibility to be used in multiple products. We also have broadened our solutions platform to be the only company in the world that can take waste polystyrene and produce styrene monomers that can be fully recycled back into polystyrene products.  


Our chemical recycling approach has a very environmentally favorable profile to traditional forms of crude oil extraction and manufacturing. Our systems are available to industrial and municipal customers who are focused on the highest and best use of resources, while meeting challenging environmental standards to extract the often unused and untapped value contained within waste plastic.


Agilyx is committed to continuous innovation and lives by the expectation that our technology must improve constantly in order to deliver greater quality and operational efficiencies for our customers and partners, while also striving to ensure improved environmental impact.


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