Advanced Recycling Technology will support national goal to increase U.S. recycling rate to 50% by 2030

TIGARD, Oregon, December 28, 2020 — Agilyx Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agilyx AS (Euronext Growth (Oslo): (“AGLX”), a leader in advanced recycling of post-use plastics back into plastics and low carbon fuels, applauds the National Recycling Strategy that was recently announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with its goal of increasing the national recycling rate to 50 percent by 2030.

The company recently became a signatory to the National Recycles Pledge.
Agilyx strongly supports the recent call by for “EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler a revival of the U.S. recycling system, which faces significant challenges, ranging from consumer confusion to reduced international markets and old recycling infrastructure that has not kept pace with modern materials streams.”

Agilyx also encourages Congress to work with industry to prioritize recycling legislation in 2021, including accelerating the circular economy for plastics. “As part of modernizing the US recycling system, regulatory frameworks should recognize the role of innovative advanced recycling and chemical recycling technologies that enable the conversion of plastics into feedstocks for new plastics and other products,” says Tim Stedman, CEO of Agilyx. “With advanced recycling technology, even mixed plastic waste and difficult-to- recycle polymers can be used to make new, high quality plastics – opening up the possibility for plastic waste to be the feedstock of the future, instead of oil.”

Already there has been significant progress in domestic investments in the U.S. recycling system. In the last three years, 64 projects in mechanical and advanced recycling in the U.S have been announced, valued at $5.3 billion, according to the American Chemistry Council. Together, these projects have the potential to divert more than 4.0 million metric tons of waste from landfills each year. In addition, many companies have made significant commitments to use recycled plastics in their packaging and products.

“Agilyx is dedicated to addressing the plastic waste issue,” says Stedman. “We believe that advanced recycling technology is the key to moving that number from 10% to 90% of plastic waste being recycled.”

About Agilyx

Agilyx (AGLX), is a pioneer in the advanced recycling of difficult-to-recycle post-use plastic streams. With Agilyx’s chemical recycling technology and intelligent feedstock management system, mixed plastic waste can be converted to new virgin-equivalent plastics, as well as chemical products and fuels – creating the opportunity for true circularity. The company has not only developed these first-to-market products but has also developed a feedstock management company Cyclyx International, Inc. and is working with many waste service providers, municipalities, petrochemical, and brand and retail companies to develop closed-loop advance recycling solutions for mixed waste plastics. Contact us to have your plastic waste streams recycled at For more information, follow us on social media and visit us at