A leader in plastic recycling technology solutions

We give waste plastic a new, circular life, converting this valuable material back into its original building blocks for reuse.

A person handling acrylic vials.

18 years of technology development

Since our founding in 2004, Agilyx has been dedicated to its mission of using technology for good. With seven generations of technologies released and the first commercial closed loop plastic to plastic facility, Agilyx has established itself as a leader in the advanced recycling of plastic.

Helping our customers join the circular economy

The patented design of our reactor allows us to handle not just mixed waste plastic, but also specific streams, such as polystyrene or PMMA. And because we don’t use a catalyst, we can process contaminated plastic waste which is often a challenge for other technologies.

Agilyx is a technology licensor for key industry leaders, providing specialized core equipment and conversion technology expertise, enabling our customers to make plastics.

An all-in-one polystyrene recycling process

Together, Agilyx and Technip Energies have launched TruStyrenyx™, the only all-in-one technology platform for the chemical recycling of polystyrene. The solution deploys Agilyx’s depolymerization technology via pyrolysis with Technip Energies’ purification expertise, yielding a recycled styrene monomer of exceptionally high purity.

Discover the all-in-one technology platform for the chemical recycling of polystyrene

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