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Chemical Recycling Technology Suite

Agilyx’s patented technologies create circular pathways for difficult to recycle plastics.

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19 years of technology development

Since our founding in 2004, Agilyx has remained dedicated to our mission of using technology for good to solve the problem of plastic waste. With over 19 years of experience, eight generations of technology released and the first commercial closed-loop plastic-to-plastic facility, Agilyx has established itself as a leading player in the chemical recycling of difficult to recycle plastics.

Catalyst-free system
Catalyst-free system

Allows contaminated feedstocks

Robust process
Robust Process

Allows broad range of plastic feedstocks & blends

Multiple pathways
Multiple Pathways

Mixed Plastic Waste, Polystyrene, PMMA

Electrified Reactor
Electrified Reactor

Reduced carbon impact with renewable energy source

Enabling our customers to join the circular economy

Agilyx’s commercial-scale technology platforms redirect hard-to-recycle plastics from waste streams, converting them into valuable, low-carbon products. The patented design of our reactor allows us to handle not just mixed waste plastic but also specific streams, such as polystyrene or PMMA. And because we don’t use a catalyst, we can process contaminated plastic waste which is often a challenge for other technologies.

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