Oslo, [September 16, 2022] – Agilyx ASA (OSE: AGLX; OTCQX: AGXXF) (“Agilyx” or “the company”), a technology company that enables customers to recycle the most challenging post-use plastics to high value, virgin-equivalent products, today has its first day of trading on the main board of Euronext Oslo Børs, following an uplisting from Euronext Growth Oslo. The Agilyx shares trade under the ticker “AGLX” on Oslo Børs and on the US marketplace OTCQX under the ticker “AGXXF”.

“The uplisting is an important milestone for Agilyx, almost exactly two years since we first went public on Euronext Growth in Oslo. Taking the step up to a regulated market is not only a confirmation of the quality of our business model, technology, and internal processes, it is also the result of successful operational and commercial development. Following years of relentless focus on business development and fostering of technology partnerships we now step into a phase of rapid growth in activity and revenue. Our pipeline of projects is growing fast, and we see a clear path towards our revenue goal of USD 200-300 million by 2025/2026,” said CEO of Agilyx Tim Stedman.

A leader in chemical recycling, Agilyx technology gives post-use plastic a new, circular life by converting this valuable material back into its original building blocks for reuse. By enabling plastic circularity on a global and commercial scale, Agilyx plays a vital role in accelerating the shift to a low-carbon economy.

With Agilyx’s chemical recycling technology and intelligent feedstock management system via Cyclyx, mixed plastic waste can be converted to new virgin equivalent plastics – creating the opportunity for true circularity.

Kate Ringier VP, Communications & Government Affairs
+ 41 43 883 0396

About Agilyx

Agilyx is a technology company that enables customers to recycle difficult-to-recycle post-use plastics to high value, virgin-equivalent products. With a focus on diversion and conversion of plastic waste, Agilyx is uniquely positioned with a molecular recycling technology offering and an integrated feedstock solution by way of Cyclyx, an innovative feedstock management consortium of partners that drives up global plastic recycling rates by chemically fingerprinting plastic waste and matching it to appropriate recycling processes. Agilyx was the first to establish a commercial scale closed loop plastic-to-plastic chemical recycling facility and holds over 17 patents. Agilyx conversion technology utilizes pyrolysis without a catalyst and can convert mixed waste plastic to naphtha and fuels or depolymerize specific plastics such as polystyrene and PMMA (acrylic) back into virgin-quality products.

Learn more at www.agilyx.com.

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