• ​​​​Aromatic chemicals (benzene, toluene, xylene) are one of the fundamental building blocks of the chemical industry
  • Account for ~40% of total petrochemicals by volume and worth ca. $200B/yr

GRONINGEN, Netherlands and OSLO, Norway – April 24, 2023BioBTX B.V. (“BioBTX”), the global leader in renewable aromatics technology, and Agilyx ASA (OSE: AGLX; OTCQX: AGXXF) (“Agilyx” or “the company”), a leading post-consumer plastics recycling company have entered into a strategic collaboration to explore the scale-up of BioBTX technology at a commercial demonstration plant for the production of renewable aromatic chemicals (benzene, toluene, xylene: BTX).

The partnership will bring Agilyx technology into BioBTX’s first commercial plant. Agilyx’s pyrolysis technology for difficult-to-recycle post-use plastics combined with BioBTX catalytic technology to convert pyrolysis vapours into aromatic chemicals will create a unique synergy for the production of renewable aromatic chemicals (BTX).

The integration of these two technologies will yield a high quality BTX product, meeting the demanding specifications of the chemical industry whilst also converting difficult to recycle plastic waste streams.

“This is a significant milestone for chemical recycling as it demonstrates the versatility of Agilyx conversion technology as a key enabler for not only circular plastics but also aromatic chemicals,” said Tim Stedman, CEO of Agilyx. “We are thrilled to bring these two technologies together for this innovative collaboration.”

“In a sustainable future, carbon demand needs to be obtained from renewable sources. This partnership between Agilyx and BioBTX is a key stepping stone on the path to a truly circular society,” said Ton Vries, CEO of BioBTX. “We decided to work together with Agilyx, a global leader in pyrolysis technology for waste plastic on a commercial scale. This cooperation shows that BioBTX and Agilyx are complementary and add value to each other, like Diels and Alder.”


Aromatic chemicals (BTX) are key chemical building blocks, representing 40% of the petrochemicals in terms of volume. In monetary terms, the current Total Addressable Market (TAM) is ca. 200 billion Euros per year, growing to 500 billion Euro or more in 2050.

Global demand for these aromatics is currently 180 million tonnes of carbon and estimated to be 400 million tonnes of carbon in 2050 (Nova Institute).


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About ​BioBTX

BioBTX is a circular chemistry technology developer that enables the replacement of fossil resources by biomass & plastic waste. These renewable resources are used for the production of drop-in chemicals to enable sustainable and future proof materials. BioBTX developed a unique and commercially attractive integrated catalytic pyrolysis process that maximizes BTX yield and minimizes operational costs. Without biobased and renewable aromatics the options for sustainable materials are very limited; with these renewable aromatics however, it is possible to achieve truly green and sustainable materials for the entire society and industry. At BioBTX we want to change the world; we want to make our future green. That is why we develop technology for a sustainable and circular future.

About Agilyx

Agilyx ASA is a technology company that enables customers to recycle difficult-to-recycle post-use plastics to high value, virgin-equivalent products. With a focus on diversion and conversion of plastic waste, Agilyx is uniquely positioned with a molecular recycling technology offering and an integrated feedstock solution by way of Cyclyx, an innovative feedstock management consortium of partners that drives up global plastic recycling rates by chemically fingerprinting plastic waste and matching it to appropriate recycling processes. Agilyx was the first to establish a commercial scale waste polystyrene chemical recycling facility via pyrolysis enabling closed loop polystyrene plastic-to-plastic and holds 20 patents. Agilyx conversion technology utilizes pyrolysis without a catalyst and can convert mixed waste plastic to naphtha and fuels or depolymerize specific plastics such as polystyrene and PMMA (acrylic) back into virgin-quality products. Learn more at www.agilyx.com or follow us on Linkedin.

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