Beaverton, Oregon USA – August 1, 2014

Agilyx Corporation (“Agilyx”) today announced their intention to transition a North Portland waste plastics-to-oil facility to the latest Agilyx Generation 6 technology. The facility, which opened in early 2013 as a Waste Management owned operation, has been using the Agilyx Generation 5 batch system. Agilyx is nearing completion of its new continuous feed technology in its Tigard, Oregon R&D Center. The North Portland facility, known as Wastech, is expected to be the first commercial deployment of the new Generation 6 technology.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to launch our new technology in Portland and look forward to continued cooperation with Waste Management, who has been a supportive partner during our development stage,” said Agilyx Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ross M. Patten. “The new facility has the capability of becoming a great solution for waste plastics as the region moves forward with zero waste initiatives.”

The transition process is expected to be completed in fourth quarter 2015, with the facility designed to handle 50 tons of waste plastic per day with a production target of about 10,000 gallons of crude oil daily, generating approximately 30 direct full-time jobs. In addition, this will also mark the first Agilyx owned and operated facility, which will be open to commercial plastic generators and aggregators.

About Agilyx Corporation

Agilyx designs, sells and operates systems that convert waste plastic into synthetic crude oil. Founded in 2006, the company uses a patented, scalable and versatile technology that minimizes carbon impacts. Agilyx enhances recovery and Zero Waste initiatives by turning waste plastic disposal costs into high quality oil revenue streams.  The company’s systems are deployed with industrial and municipal waste plastic generators and aggregators looking to extract the often-unused and untapped energy contained within waste plastic. For more information, please visit

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