Sustainability Goals

Setting ambitious goals is an essential part of our Sustainability program.


Our three critical goal areas of Circular/Environmental, Climate, and Societal align with our core business strategy and stakeholder expectations.


Within each of our three goals areas, we have set quantitative and time-bound goals. These goals not only establish ambitious and motivating challenges to our organization, but also serve as a public commitment around which we will disclose our progress publicly.



 Goal 1:  Circular / Environmental


Agilyx is committed to accelerating the transition to a more circular economy, while minimizing the environmental footprint of our processes.


We commit to the following goal targets related to Circularity:

  • Deliver technology for partners to build new commercial-scale advanced recycling facilities that enable the conversion of at least 1500 tons per day of post-use plastic annually by 2030.
  • Through Cyclyx, divert post-use plastic that was destined for landfill/incineration/environment, and redirect it to advanced recycling:
    • 300,000 tons annually by 2025
    • 3,000,000 tons annually by 2030
  • Drive our long-term vision to increase the rate of plastics recycling from 10% to 90%.

 Goal 2:  Climate


Advanced recycling can play a key role in this transition by providing low-carbon fuels, using waste as a raw material, and making high quality plastics with a lower greenhouse gas footprint.


We commit to the following goal targets related to Climate:

  • Develop and publish a Climate Change strategy for Agilyx by year-end 2022, including:
    • Identify and disclose future impact (including both opportunities and risks) of climate change on the company.
    • Identify strategies and actions to mitigate climate-related impacts of Agilyx technology, including quantifying and disclosing GHG footprint and energy efficiency of our advanced recycling processes.
    • Identify strategies and actions to support transition to a low-carbon economy.



 Goal 3:  Societal


Collaboration is essential in deeply understanding different perspectives, and to developing sustainable solutions. Agilyx is working to expand and deepen its collaborations with diverse stakeholder groups and to create a more inclusive work environment.


In addition to establishing Corporate Social Responsibility policies in 2020, we commit to the following Societal goal targets:



  • Establish 5 new collaborations with institutions, government authorities, NGOs, and associations by 2025, to help bring practical solutions to addressing the global plastic waste crisis (vs baseline of 2019)

Gender equity:

  • Ensure that at least 50% of new appointees to the Board of Directors are women during 2021-2023.
  • Achieve representation of women on Board of Directors to 33% by 2025.
  • Achieve representation of women on Executive team to 33% by 2025.