Operating Principles

Circularity and sustainability: the foundation of our business

Waste to value

Using innovation and know-how to create sustainable, circular pathways for plastic waste

Agilyx was founded to give post-use plastics a new life, enabling a circular model to allow plastic to be used and recycled, again and again. Sustainability is embedded in our business – and a vital metric of success.

Plastic waste that can be given a new life thanks to chemical recycling, enabling a circular model to help "close the loop."

Plastic-to-plastic technology integral to sustainable growth

With only 10% of post-use plastics recycled, a step change is needed to shift from a linear to circular economy. As plastic produced from waste plastic is estimated to have roughly half the carbon footprint of plastic made with fossil-fuel sources, advanced recycling also supports the low-carbon energy transition needed to tackle climate change and global warming.

Yet the solution must be multi-faceted. To make progress, we need to increase plastic recycling and improve the infrastructure and supply chains serving this new demand. We must also pave the way for new kinds of businesses that thrive because of their positive environmental and societal impact.

Sky and trees seen through a circular domed glass ceiling


In recognition of Agilyx technology and achievements

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