flame retardant polystyrene styrofoam
Press Releases | July 27, 2021

Agilyx technology provides the capability to recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of previously unrecyclable flame retardant insulation

Flame retardant-laden polystyrene can now be recycled into high purity styrene monomer through Agilyx’s advanced recycling process. This technological advancement creates significant new market…

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Press Releases | July 08, 2021

Life Cycle Analysis Indicates Favorable CO2 savings for Agilyx Chemical Recycling Technology

Agilyx participated in the Styrenics Circular Solutions LCA, contributing data for its depolymerization technology. During the Styrenics Circular Solutions virtual event, ‘Move to Zero.…

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Press Releases | July 01, 2021

Agilyx Announces Major Operating Milestone

Agilyx announced that it has surpassed 16,000 hours of commercial operations at its certified chemical recycling operations in Oregon. This has been achieved both…

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Media Coverage | July 13, 2021

CNBC: ‘Opportunity is vast’ for recycling sector, says Agilyx CEO

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