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Plastic recycling technology and solutions

Agilyx’s patented technologies provide solutions that help shift our world from a linear, “make-take-waste” economy, to a more sustainable circular economy, aiding the transition to a low-carbon future

Agilyx's chemical recycling technology.

Patented Chemical Recycling Technology

With 20 patents and over 19 years in the chemical recycling industry, our commercial-scale platforms redirect hard-to-recycle plastics from waste streams, converting them into valuable, low-carbon products.

Enabling customers through a technology licensing model, we are creating specific product pathways where plastics can be used and recycled again and again.

How it works

Agilyx employees working with plastic chemical recycling systems.

Collaboration is key

Agilyx partners with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge recycling solutions.


Together with Technip Energies, Agilyx has introduced TruStyrenyx™, a first of its kind all-in-one technology platform for the chemical recycling of polystyrene.

How we’re working together


Regenyx, a 50/50 joint venture between AmSty and Agilyx, was a first of its kind recycling model for polystyrene in the US.

Explore its impact

Cyclyx Feedstock Expertise

One of the biggest barriers to recycling today is reliable access to high quality feedstock.

Cyclyx is a consortium-based supply chain innovation company that understands the chemical complexity of plastic, that gets the right waste plastic feedstock to the right recycling technology, meeting the growing need of both advanced and mechanical recyclers.

What Cyclyx does

Cyclyx employees managing waste plastic feedstock in a chemical recycling facility in Tigard, Oregon.