Building global momentum behind advanced recycling

A man processing plastic feedstock in a chemical recycling facility with advanced plastic recycling technology.

Agilyx delivers technology-based solutions at their best. Our commercial-scale platforms redirect hard-to-recycle plastics from waste streams, converting them into valuable, low-carbon products. Through our licensing model, companies all over the world can do the same.

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Agilyx technology deployed in customer recycling facilities

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Agilyx input in design and implementation phases

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Agilyx data-driven expertise for continuous improvement

A focus on plastic-to-plastic recycling

In 2018, our proprietary technology began powering the world’s first commercial-scale polystyrene plastic-to-plastic facility. With our longstanding expertise in the chemical composition of plastics, we can turn post-use plastics back into their original chemical components for continued use, over and over again.

Our solutions are designed to increase the recycling of plastics that cannot be recycled with traditional recycling processes.

A man carrying post-use styrofoam in the plastic recycling facility.

Three high-value, low-carbon product groups


PE and PP

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Plastic intermediates


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Low-carbon fuels

VGO crude oil
Bunker oil
Diesel, jet & gasoline

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Proven technology and extensive data on the plastic lifecycle

With seven generations of IP-protected technology and years of experience, we have amassed an ever-expanding database of 1500+ chemical analyses of post-use plastic mixes. By understanding each material’s unique chemical composition and its effect on the recycling process, we can help partners optimize their recycling processes and, in turn, boost efficiency.

Two women working in the analytical laboratory to build a database of chemical analyses for waste plastic chemical recycling systems.

Transformative technology

Advanced recycling systems that unlock the circularity of plastics on a global scale

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